Marian Orchard Garden

This is my first stop during my day-tour-rific Saturday getaway after hectic weekdays at work. I guess it is not bad at all visiting a prayer park/garden every once in a while to reflect and contemplate about what’s going on with your life. So, let’s get to know more about Marian Orchard Garden.

About Marian Orchard Garden
The Marian Orchard was started by Lazaro L. Katigbak in the early 1990s, when he acquired this land where the Marian Orchard now stands. Through the years, the Marian Orchard has grown into a prayer park that has now been visited by thousands of visitors from different parts of the country and all over the world.Then came a time when Lazaro L. Katigbak started to ponder about the long-term sustainability and continuity of the Marian Orchard. In January 2015, Lazaro L. Katigbak and First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH) entered into a partnership.

This led to the establishment of the MARIAN ORCHARD FAITH ASSOCIATION (MOFA) which has been duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.MOFA, with the active involvement of FAITH, is now tasked to manage the overall affairs of the Marian Orchard. (Source: click here)

Getting to Marian Orchard Garden
Marian Orchard Garden is located in Brgy. Malabanan, Balete, Batangas and it is only a few hours drive from Manila. When my Friday shift has ended, I quickly badge-out so I can catch the earliest bus trip from Cubao, Quezon City to Batangas.

  • From Cubao, take a bus bound for Lipa / Batangas and alight at Robinson’s Lipa.
  • Take a multi-cab bound for Lipa (like a small L300) and alight at Levi Town Market.
  • From Levi Town Market, take a jeepney bound for Malabanan and tell the driver to drop you off at Marian Orchard Garden.

It is not really my first time to visit a prayer park/garden. And, I must stay that Marian Orchard Garden is part of my top three picks under prayer park/garden category. Although there were some ongoing renovations, I am impressed on how the place is maintained. The restrooms were neat enough for me. There were also prayer rooms for those who wish to spend some quiet time.

Here are some tips that I can share about this trip: 

  • Do not forget your skin protection whether it is long sleeves tops or sunscreen lotion.
  • Observe silence most especially when lobbying close to the quiet rooms with open doors. The place is a prayer park/garden and not a club where you can yell everywhere.
  • Selfie stick is allowed but please be cautious when using it. Do not sway it whenever you want as if it is a magic wand. You may accidentally hit someone.
  • Dress appropriately. You are visiting a prayer park/garden and not a mall, market or club.
  • Bring bottled water to replenish your fluids. The sun will try to dehydrate you big time.
  • Take your own trash with you.

Travel Photos
All photos are taken by Wanderingdude PH Team and post processed thru Adobe Applications. Feel free to download or share them but please give credits to our Facebook and blog site as shown on the watermark.

Travel Expenses (Php 205.00)
Bus Fare (Cubao to Robinson’s Lipa) = Php 132.00
Multi-Cab Fare (Robinson’s Lipa to Levi Town Market) = Php 8.00
Jeepney Fare (Levi Town Market to Marian Orchard Garden) = Php 15.00
Marian Orchard Garden Admission Fee = Php 50.00

Thank you for visiting!
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